Maddie Di Muccio

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What Newmarket residents and others are saying about Maddie...

Quotes Thank you for organizing this event, Maddie. Quotes
Becky H.

Quotes Maddie, I think you did a wonderful job arranging for a spectacular panel and very interesting discussion. Quotes
Alison Collins-Mrakas, Aurora Councillor

Quotes Dear Maddie, our constituent was very happy to have received (what) she requested. Thank you for all your help in getting (these) so quickly. Quotes
K.S. (Office of Mark Holland, M.P.)

Quotes I just wanted to convey my sincere thanks to you for organizing all the requests ....thanks again for taking the time and effort to organize this, I really appreciate it. Quotes
Karen B.

Quotes Maddie, you were amazing! Much appreciated. Quotes
Eva S.

Quotes Maddie...thank you very, very much for your assistance. Warm wishes...for your kindness!!! Quotes
Joanna K.
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