Maddie Di Muccio

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What Newmarket residents and others are saying about Maddie...

Quotes Smart.... successful and of course, a strong woman! Quotes
Holly Bryson

Quotes You are a caring, intelligent, and beautiful person. You will make an excellent councillor. Quotes
Joey Em

Quotes You would make a wonderful Councillor, Maddie!!! You have a beautiful & caring heart. Quotes
Margarita Chen

Quotes Maddie...Newmarket will definitely be better with you in its ranks. Quotes
David O'Brien

Quotes Maddie is smart, considerate and hates injustice. She is a determined person with a tremendous social conscience. She is a person the city of Newmarket is lucky to have, and she gets my support and my applause! Quotes
Robin Armstrong

Quotes Thanks Maddie. Thanks for bringing it all together. Quotes
Dorothy Z.

Quotes Maddie, I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful was extremely informative, comfortable and most importantly your choice of speakers was superb. I believe you truly achieved your intention of empowering woman, as I felt even more compelled to seriously think about becoming more involved in the political strategies that are presenting themselves more and more every day. Again a job well done, congratulations. Quotes
Theresa B.

Quotes Thank you...Maddie Di Muccio for organizing this great event and for inviting me to participate. Quotes
Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Minister of Transportation

Quotes Maddie: thank you for organizing the wonder event. It was an inspiration and motivating day... Great Job! Quotes
Alexis Adams

Quotes Maddie, thank you so much for all your work putting together the event yesterday. I found yesterday inspiring and just what I needed to uplift me. Quotes
Karen D.