Maddie Di Muccio

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What Newmarket residents and others are saying about Maddie...

Quotes Dear Ms. Di Muccio...we are very fortunate to have so many caring people, like you, ready to lend their support to the Conservation Authority and help protect and restore our watershed... Quotes
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Quotes Dear Maddie, I want to thank you again for all the work you did to help me get the appointment to the Review Tribunal. You knew exactly who to call to network and get me the right contacts! I am amazed at your ability to multi-task and handle all the details of your demanding job with grace and patience. You are such an asset to Lois. Quotes
Janet Grills

Quotes Maddie is very warm, approachable and dedicated to serving others. She takes time to talk about issues of concern. She cares passionately about family and the community she lives in. She would make a wonderful councillor for Ward 6. Quotes
Margarita Chen, Ward 6 resident

Quotes Maddie: your energy, intellect and sincerity are refreshing. Quotes
Ginger M.

Quotes You have one of the best websites for Municipal Campaigning I have seen in Ontario. Good job! Quotes
Stephane Huard, former Trustee

Quotes Shirley and I wish you well in your your willingless to serve ward 6 in Newmarket as councillor. We both know you would serve the people well. Quotes
Robert Whitehead

Quotes I did enjoy the event. You handled things very well. Quotes
Evelyn Buck, Aurora Town Councillor

Quotes Maddie...I wanted to thank you for the event. I was so impressed by the level of the speakers and your ability to bring everyone together. Quotes
Heather G.

Quotes Maddie...thank you for hosting (the event) because it was truly inspiring and I enjoyed every minute of it. Quotes
Theresa L.

Quotes Maddie, I know you can do it and would do a better job than many others! Quotes