Maddie Di Muccio

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What Newmarket residents and others are saying about Maddie...

Quotes Delighted to be associated with you Maddie. You are an inspiration. You are not a politician, but a leader with vision and compassion. Stay true to yourself. Our nation urgently needs honest and sincere leaders such as you. Stay inspired so that you may inspire others...High regards, Spider Quotes
Spider Jones
Media Personality/Motivational Speaker

Quotes Of all the candidates in this year's Ward 6 election for council, I think Maddie Di Muccio stands out with superior communication skills. Her web site and blog are, by far, the best of all the candidates, and her two door to door visits demonstrated her excellent listening and verbal communication skills. I believe that her ability to communicate, combined with her experience helping local citizens as a constituency assistant, will make her an excellent local councillor. Quotes
Steve McGowan, Ward 6 resident

Quotes Maddie is an intelligent, passionate and able woman who will be a great addition to Newmarket's Town Hall. Her community experience, her leadership skills and her drive to bring positive change to those around her will make her a strong Town councillor. Her no-nonsense approach to problems will make her a leader. Quotes
Kathleen Wynne
MPP, Don Valley West

Quotes Every once in a while a community gets lucky with individuals who step up to the plate and decide to make a difference politically. I am privileged to know such a woman in Maddie. Her dedication isn't just restricted to making our community a better place to live in - she is the kind of political candidate we almost never see anymore: sincere, honest, caring of others, and extremely competent. Quotes
Saveria Polsinelli Volpe, Ward 6 resident

Quotes There is no doubt Maddie has contributed to Ward Six (and our community) enormously - from reading to my children in our Ward 6 school volunteer program to arranging charity events with the residents here. Newmarket desperately needs her energy, enthusiasm, and true sincerity. Quotes
Antoinette Azar-Jada, Ward 6 resident

Quotes Thank you Maddie (for bringing the Newmarket Canadian Federation of University Women in on Belinda's Women's Shelter)...your Empowering Women workshop was also a welcome contribution to help get our shelter built. Quotes
Tony Van Bynen, Mayor of Newmarket

Quotes Maddie, thank you for helping to make the 17th McHappy Day such an outstanding success. Your participation and support was very much appreciated by the McDonald's Team and our community. Quotes
Peter Miller, Owner/Operator McDonald's in Newmarket/Aurora

Quotes As the 6 and half year Mayor of Brockton/Walkerton I am so impressed with your platform, your focus and your drive. Anyone who is informed will vote for you. I wish you all the best on October 25th. Quotes
Charlie Bagnato, Mayor of Brockton/Walkerton

Quotes Maddie has the energy and drive to make real change in her community...Ward 6 would be well served by such a determined and committed councillor. Quotes
Catherine Fife, Trustee, Waterloo Region District School Board

Quotes You should be proud of what you've accomplished. You have a vision and you made it happen! Quotes
Eleanor McMahon, Founder, Share the Road
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