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Newmarket's biggest liar

Posted on May 9, 2017 at 4:55 PM

I never had any intention to write an in-depth account about the events surrounding my choice to drop out as a candidate for the nomination of the Newmarket-Aurora Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario a few months ago. At the time, I felt I owed people an explanation and wanted to move on to other things I am involved with.

But last week, during the second part of my Ontario provincial court trial, in which I am suing Newmarket Regional councilor John Taylor for defamation and misfeasance of office, this man, once again, made several outrageous allegations, this time to a judge. His fabrications force me today to set the record straight. God knows how many people in my community are victim to John Taylor’s mistruths. If he finds it so easy to lie about my life, imagine the lies that come out of his mouth when he preaches from his pulpit at Newmarket Town council.

In his closing statements, Taylor told the judge that “the PC Party blocked Maddie Di Muccio for the second time from running as a candidate.” He couldn’t prove this of course, because he genuinely feels he doesn’t need to prove the things he makes up about other people, since he’s entitled to his own truths. Taylor was then forced to retract his statement. 

Here’s the actuality about my nomination: not only did I share with journalists a recording of PC leader Patrick Brown attempting to convince me to stay in the nomination race when I told him I was dropping out, but the PC election chair himself, Walied Soloman, called me and asked me to stay in the race because he felt I would be a big asset to the party. That conversation was also recorded.

Newmarket’s worst and most duplicitous politician, John Taylor, gets off on making things up about people, spreading false rumours, and outright misleading the public. He engages in this sociopathic behaviour when he is challenged. As a regional councilor, his behavior is abhorrent and unprofessional. You don't have to take my word for it. Just ask his colleagues who sit with him on York Region Council.

The choice to drop out of the PC nomination race in my riding was made long before a race was even called, and was mine – and mine alone. I wrote some background about it here, but ultimately, I made a decision to stay true to who I am and what I believe in.

The reality is that the political “players” in Newmarket and in Aurora are among the dirtiest in Ontario. When you associate yourself with the likes of people like John Taylor, you roll in the mud with them.

As a municipal councillor in 2010, I spent 4 years deflecting against John Taylor's toxic ilk in my attempt to do good things for my community. In December of last year, a Court Order I sought finally exposed this shocking revelation about him and his circle of political friends:" target="_blank">http://

It was at that moment that I decided I didn’t want to seek political office anymore. I now had proof that Newmarket politicians and their croonies operate under an umbrella of transparency and community goodness, but are genuinely poisonous and could care less about you and me. Could you imagine working with these people? I have. They are fake. They represent everything I hate. I saw my future as a repeat of my past: a daily struggle to fight for real people with real problems against an asylum of nasty, money-driven, narcissistic lunatics that make up the elected politicians and their enablers of Newmarket and Aurora. In a town where only a handful of people are engaged and genuinely care about how their taxes are being spent, it wasn’t worth it to me anymore.

Those who make a habit to spread misinformation about others via mistruths, innuendo and gossip are genuinely dangerous. We must always, and at all costs, call those people out.

Despite the fact that I was once a politician, I was always amazed at how people will lie, cheat and do almost anything to be a member of elected office – as if it’s the highest calling. People cheat because they wouldn't be able to win otherwise.These people have lost the idea they are there to serve the public, not lord over them.

For me, instead of giving up my weekends and any spare time I had showing up at events, I would be doing something great with my family.

Instead of regurgitating Pablum from a political party, I would be able to write about my own opinion and speak of it on the radio.

Instead of using over 80% of my time deflecting, arguing, restoring my reputation against those willing to lie at any cost, I could be using my time making real changes that benefit our community like this recent accomplishment.

After 6 years of wishing things were fair in politics, I am forced to make myself realize they aren’t – and that’s not my problem anymore. It’s someone else’s.

And I’m okay with that.

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