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An Open Letter to Nicolas Pappalardo, PC Leader Patrick Brown's Chief of Staff

Posted on February 2, 2017 at 11:45 PM


Dear Nicholas,


Some readers may not know who you are. You're the Chief of Staff for Patrick Brown, the Leader of the PC Party of Ontario. As the Chief of Staff for a party that wants to lead our province in 2018, big things are expected from you. Maturity and discipline, for example. Professionalism. And respect.


Yesterday, a producer for Newstalk1010 - the Nightside with Barb DiGiulio - contacted you for comment on my allegation that during the PC Party candidate selection process, the committee inappropriately brought up my family and status as a mother, and then openly questioned whether this could be an impediment to the party. I felt I had a responsibility to myself and every mother in Ontario to go public with this.


Barb shared your telephone conversation with her listeners. The first thing that came out of your mouth was that I was a "piece of work."




Are all mothers who discuss healthcare, education, and ideas on making the province function well also a piece of work in your world? Should they stay at home and mind the kids? Or perhaps you had an issue that I am a mother who has an opinion - like many of us - and speaks openly about it?


Guess what, Nicholas? Lots of women and mothers have opinions on issues and want to be part of the exciting work of creating a better government. Us moms raise our kids and manage our careers. We want to ensure our children have a chance at a good future and we want our elderly parents safely taken care of. We dream of succeeding and overcoming challenges and obstacles. Women - and especially working moms - work very, very hard managing their busy lives and the lives of others. And finally, we want to make sure we're taken seriously. That we are heard, and that in addition to the incredible joys and challenges of raising our kids, we have opportunities. For you to tell a member of the media that I was a "piece of work" for openly talking about these issues speaks more about you, not me.


And it speaks volumes about how your party views mothers. This "piece of work" can only imagine the types of backroom, behind-the-scenes conversations you like to have amongst yourselves. Is the PC Party as inclusive as they insist they are?


Frankly, Nicholas, I'm stunned that Patrick Brown continues to back up your lack of judgement. When you messed up here:, Brown stood up for you. Will he forgive your lack of a filter this time around?


Nicholas, like you, I want the PC's to win. Families are struggling. Businesses are struggling. And us moms, well, we carry a lot on our shoulders.


But with folks like you at the helm, I think you just keep proving that the real piece of work is yourself.

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