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How the rich get richer under Wynne's government

Posted on December 14, 2014 at 1:50 PM



Ask any Wynne Liberal what they think of allowing two-tier medi-care in Ontario and the response will be swift and predictable.

“We can’t allow corporations to make a profit as a result of Ontarians who get sick.”

“Free healthcare is part of Ontario’s culture.”

We are proud of our healthcare system, and in some ways we can boast that Ontario healthcare is among the world’s best. In other areas through, such as mental health or drug addiction, the level of care provided to Ontarians falls well below standards of other developed nations. But to Wynne's Liberals - with a choice between improving levels of healthcare versus losing the government’s monopoly over ineffective service to Ontarians - they will choose to preserve the monopoly.

The risk to our public health care system has never been greater. 


Under the Ontario Liberal regime, our public debt levels (provincially and municipally) have risen dramatically. After the June 12th election, the Province of Ontario’s debt burden had exceeded California’s at $267 Billion. This past week, Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk warned that the debt was ballooning to $325 Billion. This rapid increase in debt eclipses economic growth in our province.

Almost 10% of all revenues collected by the province go towards paying the interest on this debt - to the tune of approximately $11 Billion annually.

To say that large corporations aren’t already profiting from government services is misleading. They are making huge profits by lending the money our government needs to operate hospitals, schools, highways, and universities.

The rich get richer from government overspending. The rest of us just pay more taxes to pay the interest on these loans.

At some point, even those on the left who like to argue that the debt will take care of itself, we'll need to admit that interest payments are taking too large of a share of public revenues. We need to tackle the debt monster now or risk a collapse in the government services we currently provide.

As a former elected representative, I know that there are very few options that the Wynne government can take to reduce public debt. It must start by balancing its budget. It must reduce the size of its workforce. It must invest in projects (like the Ring of Fire) that will create revenue for the province (through mineral rights) and pass up on vanity projects (like the Pan Am Games) that only serve as a sinkhole of public funds.







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