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Harper vs Wynne?

Posted on December 12, 2014 at 8:15 PM

Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has made it very public that Prime Minister Stephen Harper refuses to meet with her.

The Premier and the Prime Minister really have nothing in common.

What would they talk about?

Stephen Harper has been working diligently over the past four years to balance the federal budget. He has made cuts including laying off civil servants. His main focus has been on the economy.

And the economy has improved almost everywhere in Canada. Except Ontario.

Ontario continues to lag because we have a government here that continues to spend, increasing red tape, and making the cost of living in this province more expensive.

When the Ontario Auditor General released her report showing billions of dollars wasted by the Wynne Government, the Premier does what she always does, she blamed the federal government.

I am calling the Premier’s bluff. I say she doesn’t actually want to meet with the Prime Minister. What she wants is the feigned outrage from left wing columnists to distract from the mess she has made of things at Queen’s Park.

This is nothing more than a tempest in a tea pot. It’s all done for show.

No wonder people are cynical about politics these days.

How about the Premier owning up to Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk's report and demanding her Ministers do a better job of managing their portfolios?

How about firing the Ministers who showed their incompetence? Bob Chiarelli’s name should be on the top of that list. He said that the overspending by hundreds of millions on Smart Meters was too complex of an issue for Bonnie Lysyk to understand.

Wynne didn’t do any of those things. But had she done so, I’m sure that she would have scored some respect from the Prime Minister.

And rather than being accountable for the shortcomings of her own government, she “demands” a meeting with the Prime Minister?



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