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Statement on Vicious Attack Ads

Posted on October 25, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Team Kelly Broome-Plumley: deep pockets and community ties: former Aurora Mayor Tim Jones, failed ward 6 candidate and weathly business owner Brian Johns, wealthy franchise owner and Belinda's Place women's shelter foundation Jim Alexander, and Aurora resident and Magna employee Steve Hinder (who also supports mayor Tony Van Bynen's campaign).  

As the municipal election campaign in Newmarket draws to a close, I would like to address a vicious, anonymous and libelous ad that went out to approximately 8000 homes about me and my husband, John Blommesteyn, a candidate running in the ward beside me, ward 7.

None of these allegations are true.

An anonymous Twitter account that goes by the name of @NmktTownHall releases tweets every 3 hours smearing the reputations of my husband and I and is followed by individuals who sit on our opponents’ campaigns (Kelly Broome-Plumley and Christina Bisanz). The Mayor himself, Tony Van Bynen, actually engages with this anon account despite the fact that it offers nothing but smears.

Please do not confuse @NmktTownHall with @NwktTownHall. The latter is a brilliant blog that has been around for years which discusses issues and political records; the former is a mere anonymous Twitter account that tweets smears about two individuals running for office with libel and outright lies.

@NmktTownHall claims they are responsible for sending out libelous, US-style attack ads via Canada Post to thousands of homes last week; something that doesn’t come cheap. It was done by individual(s) with very deep pockets and with a single purpose in mind: to make sure Kelly Broome-Plumley replaces me as the ward 6 councillor.

Canada Post cannot find any record of this order and in addition believes the material would have violated their policies. They are in the process of determining whether authorities will be asked to get involved and investigate.

Canada Post is also investigating why large swaths of neighborhoods in ward 6 did not receive my annual yearly update a month ago:" target="_blank">

And just last week, my husband was alerted that an employee of the Ministry of Transportation drivers license renewal office was actually accessing customer’s personal information to determine what ward they lived in and using that information to distribute the hate literature created by @NmktTownHall.

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is investigating and we are told taking this breach very seriously.

My husband and I, in front of our children, have been accosted in the street while campaigning due to this literature. It has divided our community so much that my youngest son asked me if we could “leave Newmarket.”

Who’s running Newmarket, folks?

The group behind the anonymous smear campaign are individuals who don’t want me to get back into the ward 6 seat; they want my opponent Kelly Broome-Plumley to.

I have campaigned for 4 years exposing the scandalous records of this council and now we have possible violations with certain individuals working within both the provincial and federal government in our small community.

Take it back.

I have never stopped campaigning for truth and justice and I never will.

When those who have abused their power for too long find that their deeds are closing in on them, they pull out all stops to hold on to that power.

Those who have integrity are those who expose the lack of it. Having me back on council with an ally, ward 7 candidate John Blommesteyn, would be very, very dangerous for Tony Van Bynen and his cabal of thugs who have been running this town for decades.

And that’s why it’s so important to get out and vote for integrity on Monday, October 27th.

Do it for our future.

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