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Take back your Community: why it's important to vote on October 27th

Posted on October 22, 2014 at 11:55 AM

There’s a lot to lose in this election for some people.

In Newmarket, it’s the political family dynasties - and their cronies - that have managed your municipal taxes for generations. If they are pushed out of government, their reign ends.

And that terrifies them.

It terrifies them so much that in the last days of the election, when they see their opponents gaining momentum, they resort to desperation by using Canada Post to mail out appaulling attack ads like this:


We know this is a well thought out, spare-no-expense, organized attempt to discredit the integrity of myself and ward 7 candidate John Blommesteyn and our family. This is the low ball levels that some opponents will go to in order to fight the principles we believe in, campaign on, and advocate on your behalf. These principles include:

  • Accountability: Four years ago, I promised voters that I would be their watchdog on council. I took that promise seriously. It’s why you elected me.

  • Transparency: we can’t run government without it. Millions of your tax dollars have been spent in closed door meetings to which you have received no benefit but others have. Unless we pressure our local government to change that, this outrageous direction will continue.

  • Taxes: Newmarket had a record of 0% tax increases until Mayor Van Bynen and his loyal crew got elected 8 years ago. Since then, it has exploded to the 2nd highest tax rate in York Region - and with less core municipal services than municipalities like Richmond Hill or Aurora. Is this fair?

  • Development: Newmarket council doesn’t want you to know that in 20 years, our population densities will be on par with some of the largest North American cities in the world. I voted against that plan.

    13 years ago, my husband John Blommesteyn and I moved to this wonderful community to start a family. We volunteer, we raise money for charity, we advocate for a better community and for a just government.

    That’s why we’re running for office.

    That’s why we stick our neck on the line for you.

    Our citizens can’t have a group of nameless faces behind politicians who put out disgraceful, libelous attacks.

    This is an attack on our community.

    It should inspire you to vote for integrity on October 27th.

    Tell your family. Tell your friends. Take a few minutes of your day to take advantage of the power you have.

    Don’t reward disgraceful tactics like this by our opponents.

    You can change government and make it better.

    Re-elect Maddie Di Muccio for ward 6 councillor and John Blommesteyn for ward 7 councillor.

    Because Newmarket deserves better.

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